Monday, May 31, 2010


I decided to check out the San Diego Creek Trail and the Newport back bay for my recumbent group
Starting out there's a memorial sculpture:

The trail is your typical SoCal riverbed:

It ends at the 405:


Quite a contrast:

I then turned around and got on the 405 Bike path. you go over the freeway before cruising beside it:

you come back to the creek and wind up at Newport back (I have no idea what the barge was doing there)

I like this road:

I eventually got to PCH, The city has a nice overlook/ memorial

I took out Flat lion and let him in on the action:

The back of the monument. As you can see , I was appropriately dressed:

on the back bay loop, there was plane taking off from Santa ana/ John Wayne airport about every 10 minutes:

parts of the creek aren't channelized:

I was back at the car in no time, I was going to check out another trail, but there was a little problem:

Time for plan b. I rode back down sand Canyon, where Irvien had put a handy-dandy bike map:

I was soon on the sand canyon trail:

I rode back through the UCI campus and crossed over the 405 again(and the bike path):

I decided to see if could get back on the walnut trail by cutting through some paths
It was pretty, but futile:

I did get back on the walnut path . It parallels the railroad tracks and goes by a community garden:

I finally decided to call it day. since I had 814 miles for the month of may, I rewarded myself:

and it's right by the back path:

I had 58 miles when I got back to the car, I thought about 4 more for a metric, but 58 was enough for today, since I needed to do some other things

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