Sunday, May 02, 2010

lose your chains

Well, it was May dDay.
Actually, the saying was from Karl Marx

I;ve been running to problems with some of my meds, so I took it easy, But they had open a new section of the Pacific electric.
An Agave with a spike:
From 5-1-2010

and a rogue orange tree:
From 5-1-2010

going over foothill:
From 5-1-2010

this section of the trail is easily the most pretty:
From 5-1-2010

From 5-1-2010

I did the short ride but still had a nice view going up Benson:
From 5-1-2010

we had the usual after ride social hour:
From 5-1-2010

wihich did cause a bit of problem, as I had planned on having lunch at Tio's, whereas they stopped at a pancake breakfast.
The res of Saturday went ok. except for the fact the I got an email at 5 stating that I was to read the prayers at 8. a Little problem, considering I was going to take part in the tour de cure today.
Big decision. In the end, I decided that my duty to the church won out and I went to Saint Marks instead of riding over the Vincent Thomas bridge.
One has to have their ducks in a row
one thing I ran across doing research was this video:

versus the Americans:

was struck by the contrasting approaches.
Me , I'm an American. I like the more uplifting approach of donald. maybe that why we're still here when the USSR is gone.

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