Sunday, May 16, 2010

beating the bounds

I started out to do my usual Saturday ride. It was a May Gray kind of day:

it was still a little gloomy going up the Pacific electric trail:

I did change it up a little by going all the way to Nealy's Corner (i-15 and Sierra) before heading back down. I almost went up Lytle Creek rd, but I didn't. It had cleared up:

I passed the Galleano vineyards:

since I had gone up to Nealy's I decided to do the short ride and go up Benson. we still have some snow on mt Baldy:

Kathy Tish petted The Goodwine's dog:

and then the pant that I got from the Logsdon's a couple of years appears to be doing something:

One of things that Father Kieth talked about was the on Ascension Sunday was the old English practice of beating the bounds and that we should view this as spreading the Word. One of things we do is take picture of winged lion (the traditional symbol of St.Mark and photograph ourselves with it when we are on vacation. Since Kieth wants to try and get photos from all 50 states, I took one so I can get Missouri and Illinois (and possibly Kentucky and Texas, although the latter will be the inside of DFW airport). They also had a smaller version, which is idea for my bike:
From 5-16-2010

and that little plant doesn't know when to stop:
From 5-16-2010

I'm still wonder how it will turn out, but like life, it's best that we don't until it has happened. I think it was planned that way.

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