Saturday, June 05, 2010

riding in the valley

I decided to do a little ride out to the San Fernando valley Today. since the route was only 30 and I wanted to do 60, i did some pre -ride exploring. Specifically, I want down to the Metro Orange line bike path,
But First I went by the airport:

I finally got to the trail. it's an old railroad that's now a busway and bike path:

I got to the end of the path at the 170 freeway and turned around, I spotted an old ranchero:

This self storage place looks like a stadium:

I then went by the Encino Veldrome:

Crossed over the LA river:

before arriving at Bent up:

Dana and his buddies are going to ride in the race across America this year:

we actually managed to stay together this time and I didn't get lost

we had a regroup before heading back Dana decided to go back on Sherman Way - it was even worse than Roscoe - should have stay with the original plan and done Victory:

once we got back , we looked at stuff, Glenn tried a new trike:

and Willie tried out a Velomobile:

I tried several trikes, including the one Glenn was sitting on. Now, to rob a bank or two... I tried a Greenspeed X5, a Cattrike Expidition, and a Ice Adventure,. I liked the ICE and Cattrike best.
another neat thing about bent up is the history, This is an old Ryan Vanguard from the 80's:

and old Burley from the 2000's. Both companies no longer make recumebents

and there was the shop patronage. Chirs got a t-shirt, and I got a Jersey:

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