Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Day at a Time

since I've been dong some reflections lately and decided that that ultra -riding is not really for me anymore.
and I've started attending a self help for the fact at times I can't stop eating, so yes, I've taken the first step of may (could be twelve, but then again). feels good.
part of it i taking it easy, and one day at time. no more crazy all nighters( well, we'll get to it shortly)
Friday, for once, I had absolutely nothing to do on my day off. so I took a little bike ride:

that's not clouds in the background:

we had fresh snow at end of april.
One of things that impressed me when I shot this was the vines are used to make the "pride of Cucamonga" wine.
the message that came to me was fine wine or rotgut? I was thinking of bike journal reunion when I brought along a bottle of it. every one drank cheaper stuff , and ignored my bottle, the host sent me an email afterward remarking that it was the best thing anyone had brought.
what came to me was that most of time , we chase the cheap and easy payoff, when the Lord wants us to struggle a bit, for a the better reward, either in this life or the next.(I was struck by how much I enjoying doing this versus riding in a pack) The other thing that came to me when I was writing this Jesus' first miracle and how he saved the best for last.
another thing that popped into my head:

Saturdat was our big 3 club ride. I did this off and on, manly to avoid the pack, but still be part of the group;
Mike, Mark, and Steve at the start:

riding through Ganesha park , I saw something, that most folks probably did not:

that really come out neat. I didn't go to Cal Poly , but a couple of folks followed me. they're wern't happy when I told them to go back down the hill I was climbing
Later on, I did another detour:

which came out pretty neat. the only problem was that I had planned on eating at Tio's and no one else wanted to (darn food plans). So I ordered out.
today, we had the centennial of St Marks' it was at 9 , so I could get a later start. I decided to ride by the original building, which is now a museum:
From 4-25-2010

and then one to the main event:
From 4-25-2010

I thought it would an hour and half, but it turned into two and a half hours. a bit of a problem ,since I planned a recumbent ride to the Upland lemon festival
Ron Pebbles drove all the way down from the bay area to ride:

part of the trail is not finished yet:

The snow was gone:

we did make it to the festival. Chris Chun was going to bring back some lemon cookies for his daughter, be would could not find Lemon cookies, or lemon Jam, or lemon marmalade, or lemon meringue pie. The only lemon thing we could find was:

we took out group shot and left:

I alomst turned off and went home. maybe I should I have as I had 20 miles Friday, 65 yesterday and 50 today. Hey, it's not 127 in one day. I got back at 3:30 and discovered that that sun tea I gd set out at 7:00 was really brewed.
That's enough for this weekend, Let's see what tomorrow brings

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