Saturday, April 04, 2009

send in the clowns!

If you're like me, you've probably always wondered about that song. Clown and sadness? Here's an explanation.
but i'm not going to be on breakups and miscues (well maybe miscues)
I started out early. I had noticed a mission bell on Route 66:
From 4-4-2009

I went ahead after and rode up to The pacific electric trail, only I didn't stop at it's a grind. My Church was having spring cleaning, and Since I'm on the altar guild I thought I should show up.
From 4-4-2009

From 4-4-2009

From 4-4-2009

I went past where I had my crash this fall before heading back on the PET:
From 4-4-2009

So where does ol' blue eyes come in to riding bike and cleaning.
I'm supposed to be a lector tomorrow. Normally we get a e-mail on Friday with what we're supposed to read. No e-mail. no problem as Vanderbilt has the lectonary on line.
Only there's two different reading depending on whether tomorrow is Passion or Palm sunday, and the one for Passion Sunday is twelve Pages long (maybe I should wear my camelbak to the lectern :)
Thankfully, our priest-in-charge, Father Kieth Yamamoto(This is Calfornia) showed up .
Most of you who are familiar with Palm Sunday may have caught on that what Father Yamamoto is planning is dramatic reading. He thought I was assigned to be the Centurion (a female centurion? well, this is California) Which meant I had only one line! Yeah!
But then the Gentleman that schedules the readers, Chris Watson, showed up. It turns out that I'm Pontius Pilate. I get two lines! But then I get to condemn Jesus to the Cross. Reminds me of a story about Ardian Zmed. It seems his father was a Orthodox priest, and Ardian's First "big" role was in "Godspell " Adrain called home. his Father said "Congratulations, you'll make a wonderful Jesus!" Only there was a problem. Adrain was cast to be Judas.
SO i'm setting here looking at articles on Pilate. He may not have been as bad as we like to make out to be. The Abyssinian Church considers him to be a saint, and I've always thought he's gotten a bad rap, as he seems to trying to find every way he can to get Jesus off the hook,or at least not sign the execution order. So Pilate is going to come across in may hands as a little skeptical
So, let me close with another story: A songwriter in Hollywood got a call at 1:30 Am "This is Frank Sinatra,and i'm going to record your song, but I need to ask you a few questions" The songwriter thought it was a k=joke, but realized that it really was Francis Albert.
"what do you want to know?"
"in this verse, the lyrics say this. What were you thinking when you wrote them?"
"does it matter"
"Well, if you were thinking of this, I'd sing it like DOO bee doo DAH, but if you were thinking of that, I'd sing it like doo BEE DOO Dah"
So trying it back to biking, maybe pay attention to why you're riding. Maybe your riding for the wrong reasons.
Let close with my favorite from "the Chairman of The Board" Me? A Sinatra fan? )sorry, we'll have to make do with Michael buble

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