Friday, April 10, 2009

I killed Jesus

Okay, That probably struck most of you out in readerland as odd.
You will remember from That I was Pilate during our passion gospel. What got me here was that in the reading Pilate asks Jesus "Are you king of the Jews?" Jesus answer "So you say>: and the crowd roars "Crucify him!"
Only at St. Marks, we we had two little peeps from the audience. I took it upon mys elf to make sure we had a more appropriate cheer after I read Pilate's Next line "Why? he has done no wrong!"
And I'm thinking about this as I'm supposed to be the 12th Station ("Jesus dies") in our stations of the cross today
And the Video , it does tie in. It's one of my Favs, both musically and theologically.
You see, most of the time I think we use the devil as an excuse for our natures and Failings. I was think of the congregation's response to "crucify him" It's easier to say "we would have saved you, Jesus" or "Those other guys did it" (thanks, Tom) than to admit that "Evey single one of us, the devil inside" (thanks to Michael Hutchence)
And I'll admit , Ive been doing my share of devil 'rassling (where's the Von Erichs when you need them?) , as I suspect Michael did, too.
I do think that we have to admit to our darker sides in order to truly live to its fullest. Sometimes , it hard to realize what he humans will do. I was think back on interview I saw once with Michael when He was still alive when the asked him about he came up with "Devil inside". They were basically sheltered suburban kids when they got a deal to play bars in the Australian Outback. They realized this wasn't going to a typical bar when the Manager said "put your gear behind the chicken wire, mate! sort of like a real -life edition of this scene from Blues Brothers plus some "family Planning" actives. I remember him saying quite wide eyed "I didn't realize people lived like THAT!"
But most of the time, out better nature triumphs. I had to take my car to the shop. which wasn't a problem, only expect I'm actually Supposed to dress formally, and I did think I can haul a change of clothes with bacchetta. Plus it's been raining off and on. So I made arrangements to hitch a ride. And I got take a photo of the strawberry picker in the field next to pep boys:

So here's hoping you can stay on the positive side. Hopefully I will (although I'm wondering about the Archbishop Of Canterbury's Command to fast on Good Friday right now....)

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