Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Honey of a ride!

I've been experimenting with what eat during a ride. Th though had occurred to me that I seemed to better with Organic foods, like the Clif Line of products, Versus the various products based on Maltodextrin, like Hammer Nutrition sells.
But I really like the multi serving containers that Hammer uses. And since another company (Honey Stinger)sells gels based on Honey, I went to Alberstons and bought a Honey bear bottle.
And it worked great! (well, we may have to wait for a while to see how well it worked.
i got and early start and got this photo in Fontana (yes you can take photos on your bike)

I got out to Sierra and Summit before turning around. I met Steve and Mark at Ralphs' in Fontana

and Carlos showed up too

We headed off down the Pacific Electric ,and went by Central Park (looks different than the one in New York:

We went to Claremont and took a break, Carlos noted how photogenic it was. Of Course, he is a Cinematographer

We then hit the upland section of the trail. Carlos is new to bent riding and Clipless pedals, so he fell down several times. Once he feel into my bike. more on that later.
We stopped in Upland:

And Carlos agreed to do the photo shoot:

We had lunch at the Taco Factory, before I headed back home(stiff wind) for my second adventure of the day.
My Bike came with the wrong cassette(The gear cluster on the back). Fortunately, the manufacturer(Bacchetta) supplied the correct one.
The only catch was I had to drive to Van Nuys to have it installed . Only 70 way.
going out wasn't too bad. While I was there, Andres noticed my wheel was true (Had a wobble), which may have been due to Carlos's fall. He also noticed that my brakes needed replacing.
So I occupied myself riding bikes. I managed to ride 5 different bikes in one day!
Also, only Lady had approached Steve and Myslef at the end of a club ride. She also had a recumbent. Steve invited her to bring her bike. She did so today, when both of us were not there. But she also made it to Van Nuys to have he bike looked at. We chatted some
Going back, it took me two hours. Ain't Los Angeles Traffic fun!

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