Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is the art of comprimise......

We've heard this often enough, but sometimes I don't we think of the real world applications.
as you may I've been thinking about getting a recumbent bicycle. I was going to get a Bachhetta Strada(the red one). But then I got informed that my attorney wanted to keep my Specialized Roubaix in an un-repaired state until we get the case finally resolved. And since I had sold my Mountain bike, I'm left with a $450 Specialized Sirrus i bought in 2002. OK, but $450 doesn't bike a lot of bicycle when you're used to a $2000 one.
And I thought about how I wanted to used to recumbent to initially replace the Sirrus, and the fact that most of riding is urban, and those pedals on the Strada got higher and higher...
So , I wound up putting a deposit on Bacchetta Giro 20(the Green one, only mine will be red). The pedals are lot lower, which it should be easier to learn, plus I can get it sooner.
Speaking of bikes and comprise. I didn't ride my bike to church today. You see, I was scheduled to be the Lector today. A Lector reads a section of the Bible (the Lession), in my case, it was the call of Samuel, But I forgot about until Saturday afternoon, and hard a party Saturday night,plus we had new priest for the first time this Sunday. So I wanted to make sure I didn't flub up , which I mainly succeeded.
And even how we at St Mark's got Kieth is another comprise which makes me proud to be a part of the Anglican Tradition. You wondered why I have picture of Elizabeth I leading off. Anglicanism largely came to preset shape as result of Elizabeth efforts to compromise differing beliefs in her Kingdom - read here
So what does that have to do with a new preacher? Traditionally there have two methods. The congregation interview folks and pick ones.
But you're saying aren't Anglicans believers in Apostolic Succession? and doesn't that mean that the Bishop chooses our priest? Yes we do,and yes, Bishop Bruno did.
and here's where the comprise comes in: Keith is not a Rector or a Vicar, but a Priest-in-charge of the Parish. after a year, if we like him and he likes us, He will be installed as the Rector of Saint Marks.
So who says Comprise is bad?

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