Friday, April 20, 2012

wheels of time

I took Mother to see the Peabody ducks:
From 2012-04-16
Her first time in about 60 years. In case you're wondering, The Peabody is THE Hotel in Memphis. They have a cadre of trained ducks that swim in the fountain from 11 to 5 every day: Not my best work, I Know. Mother Talked to to duckmaster and reminesced. about the 40's. Anyway, Mother's walker was getting squeaky, and she was slow with it: after much convinicing by the folks at the Parkview and me, she agreed to let me but here one a four wheeled one, wow, what a difference: we went down and sat with the chorchet group: Before I had lunch and headed out to the Airport: Yes, this is a Delta Hub: The big white building is the Parkview: It was overcast until we got to Newark: and finally, Back at Albany: To wind up, we never when we're going to leave this life. I was thinking about the "Million Dollar Quartet" and Sun Record's Stable of Stars. All of them are gone now. Except for one, who back fifty years, every one would probably would have predicted he would have been the first in a grave: And he's still at:

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