Sunday, November 27, 2011

pedal the blues away

at least that's why I tired to do :

did it work? maybe, I did try a different route and found the uncle sam bike path in Troy:

I also found cohoes falls:

I even got brave and made it up the hill to the Cathedral:

and since it was small business Saturday:

bought a tube, and got a reward:

and I did stop at the Empire state plaza:

and as far as Memphis - I've been trying to put a happier song (at least in tempo) on my mind:

well, until you listen to lyrics. I always wondered about who wrote this song, as Johnny Rivers did seem to be a southsider , I can still remember the looks Dad got when he mentioned he went to Southside HS. Turns out, it was written by Chuck Berry, Ahh, makes sense (and a Saint Louis Connection)

Keep the rubber side down until next week

1 comment:

Ben said...

hey, i hope the pedaling worked for you. looks like a good ride to me!