Saturday, November 12, 2011

apple cider the new enegry drink

Yesterday, I went down to Hyde Park, The home of Franklin and Elanor Roosevelt:
From 11-11-2011
Franklin, or FDR, was America's president during WWII.
From 11-11-2011
FDR would attemmpt to walk down the lane to the road every day after he had polio, he never made it:
From 11-11-2011
I thought about going back up to Saratoga, but the weather did not look promising. It was a good day.
Today looked better, so I took off for the Mohawk Hudson. Since I did not have energy drink, I used some (non-hard) Apple cider. The Mohawk has not frozen yet:

I made it all the way to Schenectady today:

GE started out here , and is still a major employer:
old depot in Crescent:

Pretty soon, I'm going to have put away my bike:

Maybe I'll sign up for a snowshoeing class at ll bean:

And the cider worked amazingly well!


Viisshnu said...

The pictures are excellent, which camera do you have??

Jana said...

It's a Kodak EasyShare 920