Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy Thanksgiving: Bah humbug!

I admit that this had not been a good thanksgiving.I had planned on flying back to Missouri from California, But I'm sitting sleepless here in Upstate new York.
The other issue is that my mother is getting to where she cannot handle her current living. we've spent the most of this month addressing the issues both present and underlying, and found a solution. Well not the best , as she is going to have to move back to Memphis, Tn. Along the way, I've found which relatives and friends I can trust and which I can't. This probably means it's going to be a while before I wind up back in Saint Louis or Cape Girardeau. And Since I hold Power of Attorney for my Mother,I signed that lease for her at he Parkview.
Right now , we are planning on moving her over New Years. I'm experiencing the "joy" of long distance estate sales (One of her friends in Missouri also has power of attorney, so that has been a help) I was planning on being back for Christmas on "Unicon" It was a ticket Continental, but I was to connect in O'hare, which really meant it united , but that flight has gone by the wayside in favor of a trip to Memphis to get her settled. I would up using my AAdvanatage miles and Flying out of Bradley airport in Connecticut, as American does serve Albany. Hopefully, I'll be able to rebook it. I had been saving my miles for such an occasion. Looks like I'll have to start over with United(tied with Southwest for #1 at alb, no Blue 737's in the land of purple planes (Memphis being FedEx's Headquarters) or Delta.
I did make it to all saint for Thanksgiving mass.

Though about riding my bike there, but need to work out parking. The Dean's, David Collum, sermon was on the topic of that a lot of folk don't have much to be thankful about this, particularity here with Hurricane Irene and Lee . He used the life of Martin Rinkart, who despite all he went through , managed to write a Thanksgiving standard:

And I did get out for a brief ride. My dad was a Pharmacist:

not much action here versus next door at target:
Is Albany a Dead end?

And I stopped by the cemetery:

so not a lot of fun, did take a brief break before heading in to work tomorrow. Hope you had a better one. This sonf has been running in my mind all day. I even have my blue suede shoes on


Barbara Harris said...

We have been thinking about you. Miss you in California. Hang in there I'll add guidance after your name on the list.

Barbara Harris said...

Hang in there. We miss you in CA. I'll add guidance to your name on the list.