Sunday, November 06, 2011

double time

I decided to ride to my ride, I took little longer on the Mohawk Hudson. My thermometer said 32 degrees, so it was time to ride
It was just a little colder:

after 10 minutes , I thought about turning around> My Hands had frozen, and so do the water in My Camelbak tube,
It did get better. Here is the Niskayuna depot:

and lock 7 on the Mohawk:

I turned around at the Knolls Lab and headed back. I though I could get a good pic of this ghost sign, but no luck:

Then, I test rode a bike - a Trek 7300 - almost bought it, I need an all round bike since my Giro is for sale in California
Today, I went down to Castelton and back. I needed to get some quarters to do my laundry. There was a Laundry there, So I didn't see a need to make a special trip.
Well, it was closed. Like this building:

A nice mural:

I'll close with this old truck:

I can remember when these were new. Show I 'm getting old. The other reminder of that is that I'm dealing with my mother, who is starting to develop Alzheimer's. Trying to convince to give some independence when you're a thousand miles can be frustrating, At least I knew it was coming.

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