Sunday, October 30, 2011

shaking it through

With the snow apocalypse this week, I opted to stay off the bike.
I've been thinking about getting a winter. I went by the LL Bean store at Colonie Center. to get some clothes, I did look at their bikes (dudes: pump those tires!)
I then decided to go to the airport, mainly to make sure I knew where it was . Alb is unique in that it is on the ground of what was the Main Shaker Colony

There were having a craft sale. Nothing appealed to me, so I test rode a specialized ariel(much better) before heading home:

and yes, The Shakers wrote "Simple Gifts", not Aaron Copland. He just cribbed it:

as well as some others:

I've always felt drawn to Mother Ann and her work. something to ponder for next week

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