Sunday, January 30, 2011

Riding and Research

I managed to combine both my passion this weekend
Friday , I did a brief ride before heading out to Bentup to pick up my bike:

Since Bentup is in North Hollywood. I seized the day and did some "location scouting" and drove into LA to the Site of the Old Ambassador Hotel , and 1818 Venice Boulevard. why there? Read on.
Saturday, I rode by the Filippi Winery

afterward, I rode out to a subdivision in Fontana:

This was once the site of Gifillan airport. My plot pulls the development of GCA Radara few years, adds some Nazis and a 360 year old protagnoist in the mixing , and hopes that page turning (or clicking the button on a ereader) ensues. In case you're Wondering , 1818 Venice was where Gilfillan was located in the 1940's. I my have to change the company name, but i've got more writing to do.
What's GCA?

Love Chuck and his pipe. I also found another novel on GCA development. And yes, my British engineer is now name Arthur.
Until next week, keep the rubber side down

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beyondhiphop said...

research and eff riding. jkjk