Sunday, January 16, 2011


I had two cycling friends make transitions this week
First off Kevin Unck passed way on Sunday in a accident on Glendora Mountain road.
Here a photo from the memorial service at the Start of the Grape fun ride
From 1-15-2011
and second, Nancy Fish, aka Pansy Palmetto on has treminal cancer.
Not a fun week.
Also, I wound up dropping my Strada off for an overhaul at Bent up on friday. I forgot how much harder my Giro 20 is to ride! Plus , it developed a flat on the front and I only had one spare tube. I had to meant to walk today, but I wound up cranking out some chapter for my books. You see, I have been praying for directions, and I keep on getting back "write, write, write" (followed by the Human "edit, edit, edit"). I'm not sure where this is taking me with the Brave new world of publishing, but all I can do is trust and obey

So I'll leave with a good pic of Mt baldy, and see you all next week

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