Sunday, January 09, 2011

Just like the real thing, only smaller

I order an Ozark Coffee Mug for my Brother and threw in this:

so , I decided to a model plane for each airliner type/livery I have flown in (No, I never made it on TW's 717s. Let's pretend it's DC-9 or MD80)
My usual way out of MDT:

My First Flight out of ONT:

a CRJ:

another way to get to MDT:
From 11-14-2010
a real "Mad Dog"
From 12-3-2010
and a "Jungle Jet"
From 12-24-2010
more mad dogs:
From 12-24-2010
and a flying cigar

Yes, I did, but the weather was not picture friendly:

and yes, let's have a You tube:

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