Sunday, February 06, 2011

How a half inch became a mile

I did our usual club ride. It was retro day:

You'll also notice the Elliptgo in the background. some Folks had to take a test ride:

And it's still winter here

and at Big Bear:

stopped by the old Biane Winery:

before heading out to bentup in North Hollywood for sopme new bearings, which didn't fit. While I was there, I got a Call from Comp Edge, informing me they had sold my Roubaix. Yippee! I bought a new bag, and went back to Rancho to pick up my money.
When I was there, I had them look at my helmet - it had cracked. so it was time for a new LAS Isotrion. and my wheels? they had used set in the right size that used standard bearings. I still had some money after all goodies:

Today I took my new bag out on my other bike. I had put new tires on it, and had not re done the setting on the bike Computer. By the time I got to church, it was off by by a mile. oops! I did a rollout (measured the circumfrence when mounted), and it was off by half inch, hence the title of this post
I did some research today (Primarily ordering things on Amazon) and some writing. I'll leave you a pic of Mt Baldy:


Scootland Economics said...

looks kinda difficult to ride

- Scootland Economics

Jana said...

It takes a learn, but once you do, it's no more difficult than a regular bike