Sunday, January 23, 2011


I didn't get much riding in
I had a flat on the front tire of my giro 20, but didn't have a spare tube, I went ahead and made the memorial ride anyway:
From 1-23-2011

I had planned on using "time to say goodbye" but ran into copyright problems. "how to save a life" was used during the memoial service at Pomona College, and it fit in more ways than one.
I did make another video of my ride to the Grind:

Today I did a 25 miles ride in honor of Nancy Fish, aka Pansy Palmetto, I made to 24.75 and had a flat. I walked the rest.
On the aviation front, I added to my fleet:
TOL to ORD via SBN:(BAE 146)

The largest plane I have been on Boeing 757-200:

Special livery

I also started work on another book, primarily because I thought it would be more marketable ("Richard Sharpe meets Duncan McLeod at Blackadder's Castle and moves to America"). Plus it's set in LA in the 1940's, which makes research cheaper. Now to do some more research on GCA radar
Until next week, don't lose your head

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