Saturday, January 09, 2010

Covering up history

I did the club ride again today
Nice and sunny at the start:

And there's still a little snow on mt Baldy:
From 1-9-2010

But this photo: Typical suburbia, right?

well there's a story behind it It seem all the streets there have aviation related names Lindbergh, Earhart, Mc Donnell, Heathrow, Gatwick, Kennedy
because once upon a time it was a airport. More history here
The the Telstar Connection . I happen to work at the Corner of Telstar dr and Aerojet drive. I was wonder why the streets had such distinctive names, and found this page at the same site.
Now those street names made sense
And sometime history can reused . I did part of the ride on the Pacific electric trail. one of the highlights is the old overpass over Victoria ave it's a masonry arch, so I'm sure it went over a wash before it went over a street:

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