Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to turn 80 miles into 60

Well, today was the date of our first recumbent only ride
The only problem was that I wanted to 60 miles, no problem, just get there early.
And then my settlement check arrived - I didn't want to leave that big of a check waiting until Monday
So I decided to ride to the ride and take the Metrolink back to Rancho
Thankfully the sun was out about 5:30. or maybe it was , as we are having the "june Gloom".
I had to help with our gates (not they're not open, and then try a less potholey way to Fontana.
I managed to find a way and stopped to take a pic at the AutoClub speedway
From 5-30-2009

It wasn't as bad going through Fontana and Rialto as I thought it would be. I did get lost in Colton , and was wondering if I would make it to the ride in time. Thankfully, I did:
From 5-30-2009

We took off and made a stop at the Redlands library:
From 5-30-2009

From 5-30-2009

We started climb up through the hills and the nice houses , before taking a break at the Mormom Temple:
From 5-30-2009

From 5-30-2009

We did some climbing to get to the Greenspot store, and then had the treat of descending Greenspot road
From 5-30-2009

after Greenspot, The group ws going to ride somewhere and have brunch. I decided to see if I could catch the 11 train from San Berdoo to La. I'm not sure what was the biggest challenge, the pavement in Highland , or the bums in downtown San Berdoo. I was just about to the train when I turned off Mt Vernon and found out they had torn out a block of pavement! the dirt was hard enough I could ride it. Then I found out there was a shopping center between me and the station! I finally mad to the station, and found the ticket machine.
To continue my tale of woe, I found out that there was two trains at the station. Thankfully, there was a conductor, so I asked him.
I was concerned that my bike waould fit on the train, no worries
From 5-30-2009

I had about 10 minutes to wait and half hour later, I was back in Rancho:
From 5-30-2009

I made to the bank and spent about an hour divvying the money up into various accounts before heading and getting the wheels for my upright bike trued up

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Mark B said...

Great report!

We missed you at breakfast/lunch! It was nice to sit and chat awhile, though.

We lost Willie on the way back, he turned off on San Bernardino to head back to the SART.

Great day for riding, I'm glad you made it!