Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pride of Cucamonga

Ok . I forgot my camera, so we're back to cell phone pics. and I need to figure out how to get photobucket hosted pictures to appear throughout my blog., rather then on top.
I was getting ready for the Bike Journal reunion this net weekend in Paso Robles. One of the members, Drummerboy49, is having issues with Early Onset Alzheimer's. It was affecting his balance. I wrote him recommending an adult recumbent trike, and he wrote saying he was dead broke.
So I went crazy and tried to organize enough people to get him a trike (nut not a chicken suit). This was particularly bizarre since I was reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, in whihc she argues that altruism is the stuff of "second handers".
While I agree with her that a lot of people are afraid to strike out on their own, I still agree in the old maxim "'tis better to give than receive"
And given her history, I can see how she cam to objectivism. It's just that I find it ironic that shares the same fatal flaw as communism: the persume the noblest of intentions for mankind.
Unfortunately, that's what make the world spin around.
Wait, you're saying you want a bike blog, not a philosophy blog? well, OK
Since I had agreed to bring along the Cucamonga's Valley best known product, wine, I decide to take some wine picutures.
You're probably wondering why I took photos of those bushes? There's actually Grape vines , Cucamonga Style. Since we so little rainfall, you usually don't the Traditional vineyard here.
But I did sneak in a vineyard along the rail trail, and picture of the Joseph Filippi Winery.
The club ride was ok. just some time with buddies and the usual coffee hour after wards.
I rode home with some strong head winds, showered, and changed before heading out. My cycling shoes were beginning to wear out, so wanted to see about getting a new pair. I thought I would have to go to Incycle in San Dimas, but Competitive Edge here in Rancho had my size and my preferred brand (I almost titled this post "What happens in Cucamonga, stays in Cucamonga." ) made a trip to REI, before heading back to the Filippi's
The Fillippi winery best known product is called The Pride of Cucamonga. It's not because it particularly good, but because the Grateful Dead wrote a song called the Pride of Cucamonga.
The actual label had been out of production for quite a while. It seems that the original Pride of Cucamonga's Selling point was it low price and 15% alcohol content (no wonder Jerry and Company liked) And with the development, The Fillippi's have decided to concentrate thier efforts on upscale wines.
But the did bring back the Pride of Cucamonga for limited run. I remember trying to get a bottle for some one and finding they had sold out. I had better luck today. They actually had two varietys ( I picked the one made from "100% Cucamonga grapes", plus another all -Cucamonga vintage) before heading home (only 90 degrees).
So my net stories should be from Paso Robles. Will I come home with a Chicken suit and a Catrike? Probably not, although I have been think about getting a trike. riding around the parking lot, they are fun, extended test ride? who knows?

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