Saturday, May 02, 2009

Following the rules

At times, we all have to follow the rules. Of course, sometimes the rules are merely guidelines.
At work we made a major change, we were using a proprietary source control to using Rational's Clear Case and Clear Quest. Aside from the usual migration issues, the main impact has been that several of rules that our staff found ways to turn into guidelines or worse yet, ignore, well, Rational forces you to do it the right way. or else.
I was think of this on the bike ride today when I overheard people behind me talking about recumbents "They're dangerous" "you cant go up a hill". and some other stuff that we won't mention here. I took a bunch of "rules" and turned them into "guidelines", but wait - I've got a carbon fiber road bike. with a triple and Shimano M959(as in Mountian bike) pedals. So I've never quite been the traditional roadie. More fun this way. I have enough fun with complex rules and regulations on weekday without indulging in that on weekends.
I surprised myself and some other folks by making it to the top of the hill; by Alta Loma HS in sight of the group. Rachel and I kept the stragglers in sight until; Mountain in Upland. I thought Rachel said "The pavement is bad, I get a flat" Turn out , she said " I have a flat" so I backtracked 3 blocks, and Steve Albano and another rider had arrived to help her.
From 5-2-2009

it took us a while to get it fixed, so we decide to turn on Benson instead of doing the medium route we told everyone we were going to do. Another rule out the window.
But we had regroups at the top of the hill. A guideline for some folks who need to be "first", but a good one, so we'll keep it.
Arriving back at the coffee shop, I chatted a bit with Tom Tisler, our club president. He was out riding when he got by a car turning left(the driver's fault). When you break the rules, sometime innocent folks get hurt.
From 5-2-2009

When I left Steve was fixing a flat. adult bicycles don't always have big wheels. He has a RANS rocket
From 5-2-2009

And I'm supposed to be the gracious hostess for coffee hour tomorrow. I usually wind up doing this solo, but I think if I do it solo tomorrow, I'm going to quit. So much for that rule about Christian women being subservient. And then I'm trying to figure out how to get my goodies there and still ride my bike. My Bacchetta isn't set to take panniers (sddlebags) I could(and probably will) buy an attachment, but there's this rule that you should only ride upright bikes or recumebent bikes.
But it sounds like a guideline to me.

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