Sunday, March 22, 2009

Non-competeive, but driven?

This is some thing I meant to write about, but didn't quite work it in yesterday.
One thing I've seem to be noticed to that we seem to be in culture of competition - if you don't finish first - you might as not show up. I realize that some people are ok with that - but to me, I tend not to that, Maybe I've dealt with too many unreasonable deadlines in my career, but I find that if you don't want me to show, mention "race"
But at the same time, I know what I want to do, and do to tend to get focused on goals. I was thinking about this today,as I finally got back to idea to become an internet bazillionaire with my ideas for Christian websites after my accident.
Only except I couldn't get past a Hibernate error. and I thought I found the solution before my accident. So switched gears a little bit. (I think I recall where I found the answer)
And you may have noticed that I've gotten a little porkier since my accident too, usually long slow distance is the way to do it, but Saturday is usually the only day I've got available to me to do it (although I've found by riding my bike to church I can kill two birds with one stone) and if you been on the Saturday grind - well it ain't LSD.
And that where the tobymac video comes in. I like the way it speaks about how we are called to "be in the world, but not of it"
and that where I'm at. How do get God's ideas and my goals for my life done, but still do the public welfare stuff to pay those bills (until the IPO (right!)) and not po' my friend at the coffee shop. Plus, I'm battling the blues a little bit.
I think Found some answers, but I have to who they will fit into my daly walk

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