Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Bollards of death

I faced a decision today. Do I do the Three club ride in Redlands or stay local and do the Grind ride. I really wanted to do the three club ride, but decided I had too much to do this weekend (which is why I'm writing an entry in my blog)
so I did the usual ride, but U=i did the Rail trail first. I was having a little bit of a problem of getting through the bollards (or so I thought) so I took a picture to see how close I was coming to hitting them:
From 3-7-2009

I turned out the picture helped out as far confidence! So I went up to Summit and the 15 . pretty day:
From 3-7-2009

Then I did the club ride, it was interesting! It seemed like a doing a little better, so I went up padua. I almost made it to the top before the gang came down. I tried to follow them down, but couldn't. (helps to put it in the big ring). I was debating going Benson, but decided to take it up San Antonio. Since I was pretty much doing my own ride, might as well please myself.
I did take some shortcuts, but it's much more prettier my way! And that more why I ride. The gang seem a little off.
And I got plenty of "different bike" comments. Like, couldn'y you find a normal bike to ride. eew, she's a geek. must... step.... away.. Yes I'm Challenging Daria
I'm reminded of one of the character quotes "it's ok to be different, as long as we're all different in the same way"
so, will I be different in the same way? Ha! I do like riding the bent, and I do like the roubaix(if I'm ever able to get it fixed). As you may guess, I've never been one to follow conventions (this explains how may non-competitive personality got mixed up with this "activity" dude, go "race" yourself! )
But it's a happy day above ground. Maybe I should go to a garden party instead:

Until next week

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