Friday, June 20, 2008

Up , up , and away!

So I've been planning a popularie route. A popularie is a brevet of less than 200 Kilometers. Usually they're 100Km or 62 miles. since everyone has been asking for route through the San Gabriels, I plotted on going up Lytle Creek Canyon and back down to Riverside. It came up to 62 miles. Fantastic!
I was going to ride it today but there was one catch: The temperature right now is 105 (which is good, since the prediction is for 110) and we've plenty of smog, so the weather forecaster were urging everyone to stay inside after 10.
So I decided to start out at 4:30 and turn around at 8am.
I actually got away at 4:45. Most of the route was usual morning route. I actually got the light at Summit and Cherry to trip Yea! The only was a mean dog on Lytle Creek Road before the Valero. Normally it not a problem, but he managed to jump the fence, which meant I had recreate the dog scene from "American Flyers".
I got to the Valero a little after 6. it was only 82 degree F. I continued up LytLe creek until shortly before the Ranger Station. It was too pretty not to stop.
I took the usual Picture at the Ranger Station. and then Continued on. I almost took a Picture at the Fire Station, but didn't.
The fire station is where most folks think the pavement ends, which is sad, since they miss the best part of the road. But then, it an 8% grade for 3 1/2 miles, so may be the know something I don't. Anyway decide for yourself.

Eventually you do come to end of the pavement. The road actually does go to the Mt Baldy ski lifts, but I had the wrong bike to do that. And it had cooled down to 79 at 8:15 (Ok so i was so close I decided to stretch my time)
Going was fun! I was doing 30-40 mph. I was wondering what To do about the dog. I decided to go down Sierra to summit and thus avoid having to play "puppy polo". going down Baseline, I was think I could another 10 miles. Then I looked at mt computer. 96 degrees at 9am. I think I'll go home. Still beats working!
I always say that if God (or Life) gives you lemons, you should make Lemonade(maybe I should change my name to Pollyanna) . May you be able to turn your sour citrus Fruit into something neat.

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