Thursday, November 22, 2007

The fall into Grace

Well Last Saturday, I was trucking down Summit in North Fontana doing about 20 MPH, when BAM! I was was on the ground. It looks the developer hadn't paved the street right, and Of course I hit the joint just right..
So, I haven't been on the bike the bike snice. I may get back on in a week or two.
This, of Course, got me thinking(doesn't take much, you know) It seem like Biking has taken a big role in my life, like almost too big of role. Since we had thick morning fog last Saturday. I almost stayed home, I've been meaning to do some quite time in line with spiritual exercises for discernment.
So today, I went to Eucharist and I'm doing meditation till the sun goes down. and I'm not missing the bike.
although I've been thinking that all the "competition" on the web sites has really sucked the fun out of biking.
So starting in2008, I'm not going to do any of the "metric of the week" contests, and you''ll probably be able to read my bike journal (yes, I'll still log my miles, in a private manner.)
So yes, I did fall into Grace!

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