Friday, November 02, 2007

be careful what you ask for......

I think you'll remember that I got my idea for my mission statement a few posts back.
Well, I've also been working on my resume. Not that I'm going anywhere, but It's something I like to do. I was going to run it by a recruiter friend today, but he had to cancel.
so he told about barcamp, and the one in Los Angeles. In the tone of "it'll be good of you to come".
So Now, Ive got to make sense out of my weekend without it turning in to too much work. It's a short weekend, which means I shouldn't really be blogging. And I've got Church duties on Sunday, so I can't camp out.
But how does this fit in with our plan? Well, remember I thought was being called to check out the "web 2.0" stuff for a possible Christian slant? And what falls in to my lap?
see you Sunday. Maybe I'll get a a ride in.

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