Thursday, November 08, 2007

The circle of prayer

One of the thing That I've been investigating is what I call "prayer metrics". That how do we quantify what we pray about? I know, it's a real slippery slope. But I was looking at more from my experiences at sites like , where people use their stats to encourage and motivate each other, and how I could translate that into prayer without going off the deep end.
I'' admit I'm not an expert on all form of prayer, I knew that the Catholics had various devotional prayers such as the rosary.
doing some research on the rosary, I ran across Anglican Prayer Beads, so I ordered a set.
I wound getting them from a group of Episcopal Hermits in Texas. You'' remember that I've been contemplating the religious life? I'm not quite sure my current calling as I understand allows me to be hermits, but you do have to be open to the call.
more Later, time to go to to work. I woke up to late to go bike riding, so decided to put the time to good use,

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Cuz said...

You should make your own prayer beads, from biking charms. :) You know, many cultures use a mechanical device to count off prayers or some such. The knots on a Jewish prayer shawl for example, serve a related purpose.