Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm offical

Spent a Busy day today becoming a member of Daughters of the King.
But, it was good.
I had meant to post more on prayer, but didn't.
I was thinking on how much there on the 'net and thee real world about what to prayer for, but how little resources there is on how to pray, it's like we as Christians are all members of the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility in Lake Woebegone and all our children are above average(yes, I like wikipedia)
So maybe I'm on the right track. I'm also a be big fan of CQI, and in the computer world, what called refactoring, both approaches, in mind, say that even if some works just fine, you should be striving to make things better. If you boss isn't happy with just good enough, why do think God should be?
To me, a rule of Prayer should cover these basics:
1 Confession, as humans, we are not perfect, I'm always reminded of this passage from 1 john I actually like the NRSV version the best , but I can't find it on the net (darn Copyright laws!)
2. Praise. - everyday is a gift, and we should be appreciative.
3. Intercession. I suspect this i where most be people spend their time, trying to God to do what they want. (hint: try the other way around)
4. Discernment- what may be called waiting for God to speak, or trying to discern his word to us. Hard stuff but rewarding. If you don't make to read scripture on a daily basis, I'd urge you to. A chapter a day won't take you that long. and it is hard in our culture to surrender an hour of quite time
I'm going to try and go in to more mere detail when I have time, but let start with the basics
Find a comfortable place. I don't think you have to kneel and wear hair shirts, but I also don't think you pray'n'drive either.
Time is important. We talk about giving a tenth of income to our congregation/parish, but have thought about giving a tenth of your time? I try and shout for an hour or two of God time a day. It gets to be a challenge, but so is any endeavour worth doing.
Bicycling related: I seem to wound in the middle of RalieghDon - Pansy "war: I did tow metric last weekend, I actually made good time on Saturday, and I was even working as a ride marshal at the Tour De Foothills

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