Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Try, Try again

As you may know , I tired to do my own perm in heat of july , and gave up.
Today, I tried my other route.
I rode over to the coffee shop, got a diet coke , and started on my way to riverside., pretty much the same route as the other perm.
Cruised down Mission Blvd into Downtown Rubidoux, past Mt Rubidoux, the Mission Inn, and UCR before Climbing up to Alessandro Blvd
When I got to Moreno valley and Alessandro blvd, I turned east instead of west. Here's a pic from the first rest stop:

I remembered RaleighDon from BikeJournal.com's advice about Payday bars, so I got one. Soon I was out of Moreno Valley and had this awesome view of the Badlands.

and a lake:
Gliman Springs Road wasn't too bad except for the traffic. The only real problem is a place called Golden Era Productions. While it sound like a run of the mill move studio, it's actually the wold headquarters for the Church of Scientology. It is very pretty, but they have security cameras all over the place. Apparently, the last guys who did the got turned away by the CHP due to a protest. Needless to say I didn't take very many. Here's a good article.

This is one from further down the down the road:

I Then went through the Soboba Indian reservation. They have a very nice Golf course(at least I think it's theirs) and De Rigeur casino
here's the San Jactino river. I've never seen it with water in it:

I stopped in Hemet at the 7-eleven. I had a burrito, a quart of chocolate milk, and another payday!
Here's the train station:

I went back to Riverside via the Romona expressway.If you've done the Hemet double or single centurys, you've done this road here's a picture of the Bernasconi Hills.

I went thourgh Mead Valley and my next control was at a Ralphs supermarket. They were out of paydays, so I had to settle for a baby Ruth. Darn!
I was soon on one of my favorite streets, Victoria Street in Riverside:
My next control was at Circle K in Corona. Strange things were not afoot, and my two most excellent friends, Bill and Ted, were nowhere to be found.
I then did the long climb back to Cucamonga.
I've gotten some grief from folks about having a control two miles from the end. I did it because the direct rout takes you past Ontario Mills Mall. I stopped and picked a Payday(what else?)
I was going to get a latte when I got back but I decided to get a Diet coke and home.
... and whose say forums are a waste of time?
Total miles 140 Total time 11 hours (I rode from home)

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