Wednesday, October 24, 2007

simply Complex

I've been thinking on this, especially since I admitted to admiring St. Francis and a life of simplicty. Then Bruce started e-mailing theological questions.
But Bruce rides a Rivendell. if read the sales pitch, then everything was bliss back during the 70's, right?
I'll agree that American Bicycle market is overly marketed to the "wannabee" racer types. but if you look at their prices. not quite so simple, eh?
I was thinking that maybe it's part of the neo-retro trends that automakers seem to be indulging in. an som of these seem to in the same market as Rivendell, - look at the Nissan Figaro or Mitsuoka
Can't be help but be struck by the paradox of simple, but complex you tried being marketed to , but wind buying the message that speaks to you. Life's a mess, eh?
The answer is really that we're listening to the world, instead of the still, small voice.

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Cuz said...


Rivendell frames are hand made one at a time. They really are fairly priced for the labor and materials that goes in them. Like all bikes, they have components at the level you choose from any maker you choose. Rivs cost a lot less than most of the carbon racer bikes out there. Their approach is simple, great handling bikes that always work. Sometimes, simpler IS better.
Which brings me to the class I'll teach tomorrow. The simplest, purest form of a local church is what Jesus gives us in MT 18:20. "where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them." How much trouble has the world seen because people couldn't leave "simple enough" alone? C.S. Lewis wrote that what scares Satan more than anything is someone who is "merely" Christian. Without human dilution to the message (in the guise of jazzing it up) Are Rivs spiritual? Nah. But their workmen are worthy of their wages (Mt 10:10) Jesus might have liked a Riv, actually :)