Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Notita, Assenus, Fidiciua

Recently, Bruce841 from Bikejournal.com left a note on my blog. Today he e-mailed me with this:

Hope this day finds you well. So, what do you think a person needs to know in order to have saving faith? What did the malefactor who hung beside Jesus know? What about Luther's construct of "noticia, assensus, fiducia?"
What do you think?


so looked this notitia, Assenus, Fiducia up. and did some research.

here's what I cam up with:
Brain hurts.... :)
Sounds Corny, but knowing Christ is the Son of God is all The notita required. You ever find curious that Luke is only Gospel author that has the criminal praising Jesus? Matthew and Mark have both of them cursing Jesus.
back to the subject at hand
assenus - I would intrepid that as Following God's Lead. It not so much invite god into our lives,(also bad theology) but asking God what we can do for him.
Fiducia - As children of God, we're invited to set up God's kingdom here:
familiar, but not?, and it's dependent on the other two (we have to accept Christ , and then be willing to discern his will and follow..)
Not bad, first time I had ran across that!
Reminds me of a newsboys song, reality. hard but easy.
Sometimes you have to be a fool in the world's eyes

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