Sunday, October 14, 2007

good things happen to those who wait..

I decided to do a 200K brevet this morning. I drove down to San Diego , and it was drizzling all the way down. I had looked at the weather forecast before leaving, and it looked like it would clear off, Wrong!
I go to the start location right at the start time(the trolley stop in Old Town), I needed to use the bathroom real bad.... Unfortunately, they were all locked!
So I started out. I found a quickie mart and used theirs. I had though about going in the woods, but I really need to use some toilet paper to ensure a comfortable ride
I pedaled past Mission bay and then got on what has to be the world's worst bike path. Trees root growing through the pavement, blind curves, a Homeless encampment under a bridge, plus it ended in a flight of stairs
Sound like fun? Did I mention the weather forecast said the rain would end? well instead it started pouring. I was pretty miserable and thought about turn around.
The rain finally started to let up at Oceanside. Going through Camp Pendleton, I started to met ride from an MS150 going the other way. I got out of the base and rode the old 101/coast Highway to San Clemente. where The control and turnaround was at a Carl's Jr(think Hardee's if you're in the Midwest or East Coast). Most Carl's have a mexican sub-menu. I had a burrito platter (had to get my much Frijloes for the way back . It reminded for an Auto shop that I used to live by that claimed to specialize in Foreign and Domestic Autos, I always wanted to my car by - as at the time I had a Mercury built in Mexico with an Australian body and a Japanese engine.
Anyway, the way back!
The weather was clear.
I rode a places called Swami's . it's named after an Indian guru who had a Taj-mahol like palace built for him in the 1930's
I stopped at a 7-eleven in Encitas to refuel, and Finally Came to my nemesis, The Torrey Pines climb.
It gains about 500 feet in about a miles. I tried a little game. The climb is bit deceiving , as it has a sharp curve about halfway up, just enough to demoralize you. So , i kept that mind, and tried to conserve my effort, and I was up it no time. and no let down rounding that curve.
It was downhill the rest of the way. I did a victory loop of Fiesta island and turned in my card. This got me over 6,000 miles for the year and I'm now eligible for the R-1000 (1000 kilos in Randonees in a single year.
Finished off the day by watching the Thunderbirds perform at the Miramar air show
Today, I skipped church(yes, my bad) and did a ride with some ladies from Team Estrogen . We did a loop around Griffith Park.
So ,what do these have in common? I had thought trying to pull off a Team E ride here for a while, but wasn't if everyone wanted to come out here. And I creatian wasn't reaching Thunderbird speed going up Torrey Pines. As as a matter of Fact, I did it slower. But I made without taking a break!
I think we caught up in the "get it now" and fail to realize that Life's(and God) is more about thise small, slow moments...
Now to work on that Fleche cue sheet....
Here's hoping you find the off ramp to the Freeway of Life.

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