Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Plan has a name...

You may recall that I've been reading Tom and Chirstine Sine's Living on purpose: Finding God's Best for Your Life.
Well I got stuck on the mission statement. Which is sorta key. Until a couple of Nights ago, when doing some contemplative prayer and it came in.
Re-imagining God's word for New Media(or worlds, I 'm still wait for guidance there)
Now , some of you may be getting stuck on the re-imagining part. After all, isn't God's word unchanging? (you may want to start reading Walter Brueggemann if think you so). No, that isn't quite what I had in mind.
If you hang around the 'net a lot (which I assume your do, you are reading this blog, no?), and particularly if you work in IT, you'll term web 2.0 bandied about. It refers to blog, forums, and social networking. It occurs to me that I've really seen very little of it done from mainline-liberal Christian perspective. And I do have some ideas that would fit in, Granted I've still got more to learn, both Christ-wise and Tech-wisem, but It helps to know where you going before you get there.
Another thing I'm doing is that I'm preparing for admission to the Daughters of the King. It's hard to describe what it is . I'll say it's a lay religious order, but that'll probably conjure up images of a Habits and rulers and celibacy(I didn't spend ten years working for Catholic orders for nothing). so, don't start calling me "Sister Jana" yet.
Well not quite, we do agree to abide by a rule of life (or this). and it's not as hard as it sounds.
Basically, our rule (I've been at this for two years) is composed of rule of prayer and a rule
of service. you may have guessed the service part of my rule, and i'm already on the prayer rule.
And as far as the "sister" , you never know. I can recall hearing the small voice on meeting some folks in orders, and I've always felt drawn to Francis Of Assisi. Of growing up close by the St Francis River and
the St Francois Mountains probably
I may do some blogs on DOK as I get closer to admission.

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