Thursday, July 12, 2007

inadvertently doing the right thing

As you probably figured, I 'm still struggling with the old “what I am here For” question.
On a professional note , I'm going to try and start lean Software design patterns. The LA JUG is offering a class , and it's actually on THIS side of the 405! woohoo! And They're using the Head First series of books, which is one of my Favorites. I could not find the book here at the megastore(As I Type this, I thought I should have checked at Cal Poly or the Claremont colleges), so I surfed over to . One of thing most people aren't aware of is that Amazon has partner stores. I found a Cheaper price at a “store” called Better World Books. I also ordered some more books by Christine and Tom Sine.
So , today, I finally surfed on over the Better world's Website. I was surprised (well, actually not).not only had saved some money(yes, the books are slightly used), but I managed to be socially responsible at the same.
Yes, I feel I'm being led down the social/environmental justice path. It's just how do take my talents and pay my bills??

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