Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meeting God in the Ice Cream isle at Albertson's

I was shopping for groceries last night. when I looking at ice cream bar's Carly Simon's The Stuff that dream are made of started playing. As the regular readers know, I've been dealing with Discernment issues, and my aborning(stillborn?) mission statement. I really felt that the lyrics were saying something to me. I left like I was in a Episode of Joan of Arcadia
So what does it say? On the surface, it's a "stand by your man" song. but, as befits a member of the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Communion, let's dig a little deeper
Remember when I posted about looking at the Lord's Prayer in a whole new light? One of Tom and Christine Sine's is that we are called to create God's kingdom here - not in some post-rapturous world. I'm also thinking about the "Prosperity Gospel".
Too often we overlook that God is really in charge here - we just make a mess out of things. Then, we seem that what we think is best for our lives is the same as what God thinks. Surprise! So, one of things that I've been doing is listening for that still small voice to see what somebody else's ideas are and remembering that to gain one's life , you must first lose it.
And above all , don't worry! it's all for the best

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