Thursday, July 19, 2007

you do race , don't you?

I got asked in a car coming back from a church committee meeting. I always find it interesting that most people here in the States seem to associate "serious" bicycling with racing. It may that their only exposure comes around this time of year.
What time of year is it? It's Tour De France time. and like a cyclist, I stick my fingers in my ears if I haven't had chance to see it. Well... not really. I actually missed the watching any stages there days this week, and I'm really not interested. Granted, I do check the net, so I know who won, and as far as the drug scandals - if you shine a light on some roaches, it'll seem like they're multiplying. but still, I'm not adhering to the mad cyclist sterotype.
So, where I'm going? Well I've been thinking about Branding in our society. Not the kind with cattle irons. Is a Lexus ES better than a Toyota Camry? Mechanically, they're the same basic car. But, you probably associate the Lexus as being a bit more desirable.
A lot of our society is Consumer driven, we want to associate with the "cool" brands. Witness The public perception of Walmart and Target. One is Hillbilly heaven, while the other is Tres' Chic, even though they often sell the same basic goods from the same suppliers. And I'm not saying "no Brand" is any better, since it seems like most marketing types are savvy enough to try and pitch their stuff as small company driven, rather than the reality of the mega-corp.
The trick is how to stay in the world while still not being of the world. A hard balance, but something I feel called to do. And it's tricky, because everything is marketing in our society.
An example: We at St. Marks's are looking buying reusable grocery bags. Canvas or plastic? Canvas seems so much more eco friendly, Doesn't it? But it's more expensive, and given the reaction folks has to buying Ikea bag for a nickel apiece, we would probably sell bags to those how already had some. And what about the fuel for Tractors and Cotton Pickers? and you do know what the modern raw material for most fertilizers, are (yes, you can get organic canvas, but at a higher price)? So, what's best for creation now?
And yes i', making progress on this mission statement from God thing. I actually manage to write what God's goals for us are. Now I need to find out my talent, and merge the tow together

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