Tuesday, July 24, 2007

God's Goals

As you may have noticed, I'm slowly (but surely) making my way through Tom and Christine Sine's :
one of thing thy recommend is that you write what you think God's Goals for the world are:
Here goes nothing
God's Goals for the world
Everyone is welcome at God's Table, whether we like it or not!
This is our Father's world! We are only tenants here, and it is our duty to “leave no Trace”
Under God there is no North or South
War isn't in God's Plans
with God, worry is not defined. But, we are human, we take God's prefect creation and ruin it – look at Communism – Soviet Style
our Bodies are God's temple, They are on loan from God , too.
We must take care of God's property, or he will evict us.
Be Brave. The world relies on us to do the expected, but the word call to do the unexpected.
How do we take “The Status Driven life” and turn it in to “the God filled life”
Branding is a disease, but is also a vital part of how we communicate. Witness the popularity of “indie” rock, no-name brand, and viral marketing.
The “digital divide” should not exist.

So, the next step is figuring out my talents. Obviously, I like writing, whether it be in English or Java(tm). And I like bicycles. Actually, I like being outside, generally. But, sometime the obvious message isn't what we're supposed to come away with.

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