Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the dream of the pink gloves

I have been my confirmation gift,Prayer on wings: a search for authentic prayer BY Carolyn Stahl Bohler.
I tried her "piggy who had none" approach of mediating and letting your mind wander. Strangely, what came into view was a pair of pink gardening gloves I had bought. I tried to form a connection with a aborning mission statement, but could not. Although think tonight, maybe it has to do with ecological concerns. I've just bought a set of reusable grocery bags(much recommended) and have been replace my regular bulbs with Compact Florescents.Of course I've also been thinking about consumerism and Christianity. Maybe I've been reading too many forums with topics like "i just bought (insert insanely expensive item here)!!!!!!!!". But then again, where did I got find a link for gloves? :)

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