Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going Beyond the first impression

For whatever reason, I decided to ride my Bike Friday this morning, It's a heavier bike than my Cannondale road bike, and with the 20 inch tires, it's not a speed demon.
The result: I was 1 mph faster!
Goes to show, that at times, putting aside prejudgements is the best thing. I was think about since I'm working on discernment issues in my religious life, and how I work that out may affect the result of my life (hopefully).
Now, to get to work on my mission statement (from God, I am in a Blues Brothers movie?) I've got "to help god create his kingdom on earth", but the rest is a blank.
and yes, I'm back to the blog of the day.

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Mike said...

Hi Jana,
I found your blog through bikejournal.com. Your blog is fun and very inspirational and I look forward to your future bike and God related stories.
If you haven't finished your mission statement don't forget to include your role as his servant in this world. I strive for that mission everyday.
My goal as a cycling team captain is to bring the message of God to my team through actions and, if necessay, through words until everyone knows where their blessings come from.
Good luck to you and your daily ministry and keep up the good work!

Email - mike.schlei@lmco.com
bikejournal username: mschlei (road) and mjschlei (commuting)
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