Sunday, February 09, 2014

Your'e not a real author...

So said the email from a member of my writer's circle who is obviously not enamored with my work.
My response: It took that long to figure it out? If you figure writing in terms of having a big fat advance and all the word gorgeously curated, then you need to find a different URL, partner. I'm just a schmo(schmo-ette?) who takes the time every Sunday to type out what's transpired in her world that past week.
Which leads to the question of whether  blogs  are publishing. My answer is yes.
It used to be that being self published was the scarlet letter of publishing, a sign  that your work was not deemed good enough and you would be forever tainted with that stain and left with several cases of unsold books for your heirs to dispose of. Well, the world has changed. Much like software, we have a case of the Cathedral and the Bazaar . The Cathedral says that there is only  one source of righteousness, and woe be to those who stray. The Bazaar says come in and find what you like. To my mind, that's a better model - to give everyone an even field, and them let market have at it. It is harder to achieve an 'epic' success? yes, but more folks will have little taste of it, giving us a wider culture. Besides which, 'They' didn't think he could sing (Actually, they still do)

and yes, they are changes coming to my cycling habits. If you don't believe it, just see what I found at the curbside.

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