Sunday, February 02, 2014

The classic at the Curbside

I wrote an article for another blog: 1948 Playboy. I wanted to spend some time here watching the comments flow in, fearing that some would post 'No Gurls Allowed'. That didn't happen, and I took a small step into the publishing world.
I took another step by going over to the Downtube and talked about getting a new bike, along with  the needs of some people I've run across at the prayer table -good on both sides!
Lastly, I had a sinus infection today, so I tried the traditional recipe: The hot toddy. It went OK, except for the fact that I wanted to get the whiskey that Mark Twain drank. I thought it was Marker's Mark, and that was what I came home with. Then I hit Wikipedia, and found out he liked Old Crow. oh, well/

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