Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Birthday sucked!

Well, probably not in the sense you're thinking of, although I probably tried to do too much. First, I went to church, and them to Cracker Barrel:

and then, I rode my bike. I've been looking for rack that fits my Fiat, and the internet lead me to the Seasucker Talon. I saw where several folks who have 500 Abarths have been using them with great success, and since I have the same rear wing(Part of Mr. Marchionne's edict to make it get 40 mpg or else), I ordered one:

And yes, I was a bit weary of trusting my prized steeds to suction cups. Only they're vacuum cups, and each one is rated at two hundred fifty pounds, which means I have a half-ton of suck (there's that word again) holding the bike on the car. It took a bit of fiddling to find the right spot, particularly the rear bumper, which is different in the Pop than the Abarth. The only hard part was the quick release, which may because it does not have the self centering springs. I did transport it across the Frozen Hudson:

And who needs a kickstand when you have a snowbank?

I ended the day with a hockey, but I need to some more writing, so the day isn't really over. I'll report back on the seasucker when I have some experience with it.

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