Sunday, October 09, 2011

Take my money, please!

I lost my debit card, and no one (except my bank) wants to accept a check due to it being a new account.
Sig. At least the landlord , utilities, and furniture place (yes, I will be getting some) think my money isn't guaranteed by the Continental Congress.
how to cure the blues? a bike ride:

another new route: us 4 is north South here in New York State:

Fall is here:

Not socal:

and another new route:

Old barn:

Back in Castleton:

going home:

and Murderer's Creek:

and the song - I used the audio swap service of Youtube - works out except for the song is about that other New York down the Hudson. Even the State's Offical song has been hijacked:

not mention finding an MP3 is a bit of challenge.
someone suggested this song - another NYC, although you could use (Subsitues Times Union and Daily Gazette for the New York Times and Daily News)

until next week

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