Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Grumpy old men ride recumbents

This week was classic ride weekend at the bike club.
I was thinking about getting old because on of the club member That I had sold on Recumnbents dropped out because we were "too competitive" He even went to start a thread on a forum about it.
What makes it interesting is that I ran into the other side of the story. Ironically, it's the guy who I sold my Roubaix to. to add to irony, he was complaining about Steve wanting to turn everything into a race, and generally endangering everyone on the trail.
So where's the truth?
You do you have to a thick skin to walk the line between roadie land and Bentdom and get away with it. Too often, people can't and wind up in the hate, either that shown on Bent rider, or on any number of bike forums.
And yes, the Grind ride can be a bit over the top, but I think we a put it behind us once we get back.
Grumpy? I can see why if you keep on getting "where's your real bike?" or "When are your going to get as fast as you were on you old bike?" That would tend to make you stay where you can so off the "avantage" of being bent, like the rail trail, rather than Grinding it out on GMR (Pain: yes view: worth it) I have even sinned and went to and ogled the Defy 1, and looked for another CAAD7 on ebay (Ken can keep the Rouibaix)
So, I am Roadie, Hear me roar!
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