Sunday, July 24, 2011

flying back

Still working on my trip
N961TW : My bird to STL
From Stl
You'll notice the "June Gloom" morning clouds. Here's LA

Kansas City Airport (MCI) :

Making the turn for Final approach:

Renovations inside:
From Stl
And tornado Damage outside:

My mom noticed something unusual about my rental:
From Stl
I always make a pilgrimage to old Bethel while I'm there It does serve to remind me that Cape Girardeau was different than others town, in that it was not homogeneously French. Here Shawnees, Delawares and Revolutionaries all lived together:

Bidding Old Bethel adieu for now:

and I paid my respects to Monsieur Lorimer as well

Gotta check out Le tour. brb:

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