Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rendezvous with the past

Well, today I used my Nissan Sentra I got from Hertz to go back in time 200 years.
I drove down to the George Rogers Clark Memorial for the Rendezvous. I was supposed to meet my guide at the "cannons". As you can imagine, the big question was which Cannons. I found some likely cannons in time for the worship service. I had a decision, but not a tough one

I walked over to the museum and saw a sign for the Northwest Territory Alliance. I asked where I could find Marilyn. We eventually met, and I spent the better part of two hours talking to various people about the roles they were re-creating.

From Evv
It was then time for lunch : turkey legs (from St James episcopal,Vincennes)

and an ear of corn from the Kiwanis. Watch out for the oxen:

I went back to the Museum. Air conditioning in 90 degree Indiana weather? ahh) bought books, and patronized the vendors who were selling period authentic goods well , except for the guy selling pens made in China) , and talked to people who caught my eye. This was hard, as I am shy. Good way to expand my horizons. soon it was time for the battle:

From Evv
I was not sure about attending the battle, but it was really a boon (lots of details caught my eye, which means, yes, lots of rewrites).
The troops marched past as I was buy yet more books(on period clothing) , some of which was from NWTA.

I closed out the day by thanking Marilyn, My host. I then attended the Closing Ceremonies on the Clark memorial:

before heading back to my car and the present day.
Mr. Turkey legs invited me back next year. we'll see if I can make it.

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