Sunday, May 15, 2011

a pow-wow we will go

I did the club ride on Saturday, it was a little Cloudy at the start:

it Burned off some by the time we got to Benson. Still some snow on Mt Baldy:

One of these days, I 'll get this thing to trip:

Today, I noticed that there was a Pow wow in San Bernardino and since my literary endeavors involve native Americans, I decided to attend. It was at the Orange show complex:

since it was raining,I decided to go inside and listen to the gourd dance:

everyone was getting into it :

after it looked like the sun was I wondered around outside. I bought some earring , including a pair of silver bears to match the turquoise ones I have already (Maybe My Indianian name should be bicycling bear) I also had that typical Native dish : a chicken Burrito.

I stuck around for the grand entrance:

before heading home:

while we're on the subject of Native Americans, here's a little video I made whil I was in Fort wayne of the Wabash- Maumee portage. It owuld have been longer, but I need to figure out abetter way of doing in car videos. I could have worn my helmet, but I really didn't want to meet any of Fort Wayne's Finest:

Of course, after seeing this, you may want to call me "drunken bear".
Until next week

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